Learn and Earn

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learn and earn 



If you understood passive residual income you would go through a brick wall to get it

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Passive Residual

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It’s income that requires minimal work to earn and maintain.

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True Freedom

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It’s time to escape the 9 to 5 and live how you were meant to.

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Flexible Lifestyle

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Balance your life with time, money, family, and geographical freedom.

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Earlier Retirement

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Residual passive income is the most effective way to retire early. 

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Be a Big Dog For The Alliance

The Learn and Earn Program facilitates you in becoming what we call a “BIG DOG,” not just a Bird Dog.

What is a “Bird Dog” in real estate investing? The name bird dog originated from hunting, where just like dogs help hunters find birds while they are hunting. In real estate, bird dogs help property hunters find undervalued properties for real estate investors in exchange for a flat fee.

Let me explain; with any real estate investment strategy, the goal is always the same: you put your money into an asset (property) that will provide you with a great rate of return. It sounds simple enough in theory. However, the reality is, as you will learn, many variables and calculations go into finding the right properties.

This is why the opportunity is only available to MEMBERS who are attending or have attended our CLOSING YOUR FIRST DEAL training course. Hence why we call it Learn and Earn. The training consists of step-by-step instructions on finding, analyzing, financing, buying, rehabbing, placing suitable tenants, renting, refinancing, managing, and repeating the cycle. This cycle is known as the BRRRR Method or Strategy. BRRRR is an acronym for Buy-Rehab-Rent-Refinance-Repeat, and although there are many Real Estate Investment Strategies available, they all start with finding the right property.

As I mentioned above, as part of the Program, you will learn what is considered a significant rate of return and how to find the properties to generate it. This brings us back to the “BIG DOG.” The difference between a bird dog and a big dog is the level of commitment and earnings.

Here at 1ST Choice Alliance, we don’t just produce bird dog pups. Instead, we deliver “BIG DOGS.” Because we understand the commitment level to find income-producing properties, we do not sugar-coat and click bate you to sell our memberships and courses. Not at all. We are in it for the long run, and if you are serious about becoming a real estate investor, you must have a lot of money or become a “BIG DOG.”

Let’s face it, buying and owning a rental property is one of the best ways to make money. However, investing in just any property will not do the trick. You must find a positive cash flow property to make money with real estate. If you, instead, end up with a negative cash flow property, you will be losing money, and that’s the last thing a real estate investor ever wants. Finding a lot of these cash-flow-producing properties is what a BIG DOG does. The more of these properties you find, the more money you make, and finding these properties take a lot of commitment.

To give you a quick synopsis, you must first find the right market (LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION). Then you can start the actual property search. Once you think you have the right property, you must conduct a market comparison analysis. Then, an investment property analysis, a rehab analysis, an area analysis, and a rental rate analysis, to mention a few.

As you can see, it doesn’t sound easy. But the truth is that there are thousands of properties out there right now, and you need two things to find them. One, knowledge, and two, the commitment to press through. The Learn and Earn “BIG DOG” program will make learning fun and rewarding, surround you with like-minded successful individuals, help you gain credebility amongs the community  and help you create partnerships and a team of trusted advisors; they will, in turn, guide you and bring you more deals and additional income, help you overcome obstacles and naysayers, increase your success rate, confidence, and skills while learning real estate investing.

Learning really can’t get any better. In the end, you don’t ever graduate from our THE CLOSING YOUR FIRST DEAL PROGRAM. They become part of our teachers, mentors, investors, lenders, and community moderators. Because doing so only leads back to the bottom line: more properties, money, tax benefits, assets, net worth, and a significant legacy to pass on to your kids. Yes, friends. The benefits of Real Estate Investing are many. But they all start with just a little training and a lot of commitment.

This is why the Learn and Earn Program is a staple of our training strategy. Because it rewards a level of commitment, and in the end, this is what will make you succeed.

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