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USCIS Form G-639

Joe September 21, 2020

With questions please contact us at: class_question@1stchoicealliance.com

With questions please contact us at: class_question@1stchoicealliance.com

Lost their A number and any document with the A number on it. If your client knows what an A number is and knows that they have one, but just does not have it on them at the time that they visit you to fill out their immigration paperwork, then the simplest and quickest way to obtain it is to tell the client to go retrieve it and come back when they have it. The alternative option could take weeks or even longer.

How can I get a copy of my A-Number?

File a Form G-639, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request This simple request can be used to get a copy of your A-Number or even your entire immigration file. Once prepared, it is free to file.

Can I request another person’s A-Number?

Yes, you can request access to the immigration file of another person. However, you will generally need the signed permission from that person to receive immigration records. There are exceptions if you can provide proof of death or the subject of the search is your own child.

How long will it take to get a copy of my A-Number?

Once filed, it will take a minimum of take a few weeks to receive a response if you keep the request simple. (A request for a complete immigration file or more complex request will typically require more time.) 

Filing Fees:

Except for commercial requestors, the first 100 pages of reproduction and the first two hours of search time are provided without charge.  Thereafter, requests processed under PA may incur fees of 10 cents per page for duplication.  Other costs for searches and duplication are charged at the actual direct cost. Fees are charged if the combined cost for searches, duplication, and/or review is more than $14, and by submitting Form G-639, you agree to pay for fees up to $25.  If the total anticipated fees are more than $250, or you have failed to pay fees in the past, USCIS may request an advance deposit.  Also, USCIS will not process any Form G-639 until all unpaid fees from prior requests are paid.