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USCIS Form AR-11

Joe September 21, 2020

With questions please contact us at: class_question@1stchoicealliance.com

With questions please contact us at: class_question@1stchoicealliance.com

Form AR-11:
If your client is in the U.S. with a visa, green card, or other immigration status and they move to a new address within the U.S. or its territories, they must notify USCIS within ten days of the move. To do so, fill out and submit Form AR-11 

Filing Fee: $0. So USCIS does not charge to file this form, but you will set your own rate to fill this form out.

Now if you are a health insurance agent this is great, not only do you get a fee for helping them report the move to USCIS, but this also triggers a special enrollment period with the Marketplace if they have changed zip codes. This is a great opportunity to secure them as a health insurance client as well. Same works in the reverse. If you are currently a health insurance agent when your client reports the move to you it is a great time to educate them on their need for the AR-11, charge a fee for the form, and introduce them to your services. These lines of business work hand in hand and complement each other perfectly. Make sure to speak with us about expanding your services to include health insurance. It is a great business to get into and will help you maximize your earning potential.