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What are Terms and Creative Financing?

In Real Estate, Creative Financing Strategies help both the buyer and seller. That’s because the creative part is in the terms of the transaction. For instance, the price, the down payment, the monthly payments, interest, and the loan length are all customizable.

I LOVE TERMS is building a creative financing powerhouse of education and tools in a community environment where beginners can learn and seasoned professionals can meet other investors and lenders. So, whether you are an investor, lender, realtor, real estate attorney, or any other real estate professional, I Love Terms is the place to meet like-minded people, make connections, create partnerships, and build teams.

Learn and Participate to Accelerate Your Success in Real Estate Investing.

We teach you everything you need to know and provide you with the tools to make it easy to start investing immediately.

If you are new to real estate investing, you probably think, but don’t I need money to invest in real estate? No, not really. It is perhaps the only investment for which you don’t need money. In fact, there is a good chance you can make tax-free money just by buying a home. Watch the video below, where we give you a short introduction to I Love Terms.

These are 17 Reasons Why Reral Estate is The Best Investment.

You might have heard that you can start making money or investing in real estate without money and may wonder if this is true. In short, YES!

The Wholesalers are an excellent example of investing in real estate with no money. The primary way wholesalers earn income is through an assignment fee. They find, negotiate, and place the property under contract. But before closing, they sell the contract to another for an assignment fee. However, they can also partner with others and hold an interest in the property long-term.

Watch the video below where we give you 17 more reasons why to get into real estate investments.


Our toolbox has everything you need to analyze and make an educated offer on a property in minutes.

  • Cash Flow Calculator
  • 15-Year Projection Calculators With Ballooon Payment Indicator
  • Wraparound Analyzer
  • Auto Offer Maker Ready to Present or Mail
  • Call Scripts
  • Cash Out Refinance Calculator
  • Area-Specific Real Estate Market Analyzer
  • Location Analyzer
  • Contracts
  • Step by Step Video Tutorials On Every Tool
  • CRM

The Real Estate Solutions you need:


  • You are late on your mortgage payments and facing foreclosure.
  • You are getting divorced, and you have little to no equity.
  • You must relocate but owe more than your house is worth, an underwater mortgage.
  • You are trying to sell, but your agent keeps telling you to lower the asking price.
  • You are trying to rent your house, but no one is renting.
  • You inherited a house, but you can’t afford the mortgage.
  • You have a vacant house that is not selling.
  • You ran out of money and can’t finish building the house.
  • You want to get out of the landlord business.
  • You want to sell your house but want to minimize your capital gains.
  • And more…
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